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Certis USA offers a broad range of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and biopesticides through a network of channel partners and distributors for the home lawn and garden enthusiast. These products include:

  • Bt biological control products for the control of mosquito larvae and other foliage feeding garden pests.
  • Trilogy® neem oil concentrate and Ready-To-Use (RTU) formulations, including combinations with pyrethrum.
  • Azadiractin insect growth regulator and repellent.

Many Certis USA products and active ingredients are available to consumers through the fine companies listed below. 

Bonide Products, Inc.
Gardening is the most popular hobby in the nation. For more than 70 years, Bonide Products, Inc. has supplied America's gardeners with what it refers to as its "Problem Solutions." The company's more than 300 products are designed to help hobbyists with just about any home, lawn or garden pest that may be encountered.

Bonide Products

How to reach Bonide:

Bonide Products, Inc.
6301 Sutliff Rd.
Oriskany, NY 13424
Phone: 315-736-8231

Garden Safe®
Spectrum Brands offers a wide range of quality plant care products, from potting mixes and decorative soil covers to specialty plant foods and application products for indoor plants, container gardens, vegetable gardens, annual and perennial borders, shrubs, trees and lawns.

Garden Safe

How to reach Garden Safe:

Garden Safe Contact Information

Gardens Alive!
Gardens Alive! is one of the country's leading mail order companies dedicated to biological control of garden pests. Sales are nationwide and the company traces its roots back to the early 1980's and the kitchen and garage of founder and President, Niles Kinerk.

caterpillar control

How to contact Gardens Alive!:

Gardens Alive!, Inc.
5100 Schenley Place
Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025
Phone: 513-354-1482

Green Light® Company
Certis USA is proud to have Green Light® Company represent its products for homeowners and master gardeners. Since 1947 Green Light has met the growing needs of consumers with quality lawn and garden products. Its product line includes liquid and dry insecticides, plant foods, herbicides, rodenticides and gardening accessories. Green Light features effective, environmentally responsible products. Through its "Safety Plus" program, the company’s products are packaged for safety and include shatterproof HDPE bottles, foil induction seals, child resistant closures and recyclable packaging. Green Light is 100 percent employee-owned.

Green Light

How to reach Green Light:

Green Light® Company
P.O. Box 17985
San Antonio, TX 78217-0985
Phone: 210-494-3481 

Monterey Lawn and Garden Products
Monterey Lawn and Garden has contributed products and services for more than 40 years to businesses in the agricultural, turf and ornamental, lawn and garden, irrigation and animal nutrition markets. Its distributor/dealer companies operate in the western United States, Hawaii and it exports to several foreign countries.

Neem Oil RTU

How to contact Monterey Lawn and Garden:

Monterey Lawn and Garden Products, Inc.
P.O. Box 35000
Fresno, CA 93745-5000
Phone: 559-499-2100

Organic Laboratories, Inc.
Organic Laboratories is one of the country’s leading producers and marketers of earth friendly pesticides and fertilizers.

For the professional, Organic Laboratories has cutting edge, solutions-oriented products specifically designed for farmers, vineyards, municipalities, sports arenas, golf courses, landscapers, ornamental nurseries, and greenhouses.

For home gardeners increasingly turning away from harsh chemicals for lawn care and growing food at home, we offer a line of environmentally friendly products, including organic and natural based choices, that you can feel confident using around children and pets.

Organocide Worm & Caterpillar Control

How to contact Organic Labs:

For questions, sales and feedback

Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply
Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply originated in 1976 on tiny Peaceful Valley Road in Nevada City, CA. The business started in a small garage. Its popular catalog began as a four-page newsletter for growers. Today PVFGS enjoys ever-increasing recognition as one of the leaders in the field of organic supplies. They have tens of thousands of customers and almost 40 employees. Its two-acre site in Grass Valley features 10,000 sq. ft. of open space that is being converted into an organic nursery. If you are in the area, be sure to stop by and visit.

Grow Organic

How to reach Peaceful Valley:

Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply
125 Clydesdale Ct.
Grass Valley, CA 95945
Phone: 530-272-4769 (for questions)
Phone: 888-784-1722 (to place orders)

Seven Springs Farm
Seven Springs Farm is a 125 acre organic farm and source for organic fertilizers and biopesticides, such as those manufactured by Certis USA. The Farm carries a large variety of growing mixes, animal supplements, pest management tools, grower's supplies, deer fencing and organic cover crop seed.

How to reach Seven Springs Farm:

Seven Springs Farm
426 Jerry Lane NE
Check, VA 24072
Ron Juftes, owner
Phone: 540-651-3228
Toll Free Order Line: 800-540-9181
(Ron says if a machine answers, please leave a number, he will call back ASAP.)

Southern Agricultural Insecticides, Inc.
Southern Agricultural Insecticides, Inc. formulates and distributes agrochemicals and fertilizers in the Southeastern United States. Southern Ag offers a complete line of lawn and garden products that are for sale in garden centers, feed stores, and home improvement stores.

Southern Ag

How to reach Southern Ag:

Southern Agricultural Insecticides, Inc.

Palmetto, FL
Ph. 941-722-3285

Hendersonville, NC
Ph. 828-692-2233

Boone, NC
Ph. 828-264-8843

Summit Chemical
Summit Chemical Company strives to promote and develop novel solutions for pest control. Summit has been involved in the formulation and manufacturing industries for over 50 years and has developed a reputation as a leader in the production and supply of mosquito larvicides, USDA authorized fogging concentrates, residual sprays, and lawn and garden pest control products.

Summit Chemical

How to contact Summit Chemical:

Summit Chemical, Inc.
235 South Kresson Street
Baltimore, MD 21224-2616
Phone: 800-227-8664

Voluntary Purchasing Groups, Inc.
The Voluntary Purchasing Groups (VPG) offers customer service and excellent products through a cooperative (co-op) marketing system. A co-op comprises members who put in their time and money to own part of the company and share in its success. This approach is the basis for the pride VPG has in everything it sells. That is also the reason you can rely on the home and garden products from VPG brands: Ferti-lome®, Hi-Yield, Natural Guard®, and American.


How to reach VPG:

Voluntary Purchasing Groups, Inc.
Hwy. 82 W
Bonham TX 75418-8056
(903) 583-5501

SaferBrand.com recognizes the growing demand by consumers for alternative pest control products. The company offers a wide variety of low- and non-toxic solutions for rodent and insect problems, lawn, garden, landscape, flowers, houseplants and more.


How to contact Woodstream:

Woodstream Corporation
69 N. Locust Street
Lititz, PA
Phone: 1-800-800-1819