LifeGard WG Biological Plant Activator

Introducing LifeGard WG, the first in a new class of biological disease control agents, used to manage early, late and Cercospora blights in potatoes, as well as white mold.


  • Triggers Induced Resistance (IR)
  • Effective up to 18 days
  • Low rates
  • Excellent crop safety
  • NOP Approved/OMRI® Listed
  • Residue exempt
  • Aerial applications



  • Broad spectrum disease control
  • Easy to use WG formulation + tank mix compatibility
  • Improves yields and crop quality
  • Low risk of developing resistance
  • 4 hour REI
  • 0 PHI
  • No MRL issues
  • Minimum label restrictions

Certis USA LifeGard™ Biological Plant Activator Product Wins Top International Industry Awards from Agrow and IBMA


American Fruit GrowerAmerican Fruit Grower Highlights LifeGard™ WG Plant Activator.

BIOCONTROL GRAPES: Examining the Effectiveness of Biologicals Against Downy Mildew. Growing conditions in the East are breeding grounds for pathogens, and coupled with highly susceptible Vitis vinifera cultivars proves to make sustainable grape growing practices a challenge.

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Badger Common'TaterBadger Common’Tater Highlights LifeGard™ WG Plant Activator.

Joe Kertzman, managing editor of Badger Common’Tater, writes: There is no denying it. The sustainable production wave has captured the attention of potato growers.

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LifeGard WG
OMRI Listed, Residue Exempt, 4 hr REI, 0 PHI

LifeGard WG controls these fungal diseases:

  • Early blight
  • Late blight
  • White mold
  • Cercospora
  • Downy mildew
  • Powdery mildew

LifeGard WG can be used with the following crops:

  • Almonds
  • Carrots
  • Citrus
  • Cole crops
  • Cucurbits
  • Fruiting vegetables
  • Grapes
  • Leafy vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Pecan
  • Pome fruit
  • Potatoes
  • Sugar beets
  • Table beets
  • Tobacco

Organic Crops

NOP Logo
NOP Approved:

This product is approved for organic production by the National Organic Program (NOP), a marketing program housed within the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service, the agency that sets marketing standards. The NOP mission is to develop and implement national standards that govern the marketing of agricultural products as organically produced, to facilitate commerce in fresh and processed food that is organically produced, and to assure consumers that such products meet consistent standards.

OMRI Listed®:

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This product is OMRI Listed, therefore it is determined by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) to be suitable for use in certified organic production.