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The First Step on the Road to Perfection

The reasons for renovating may vary, but the desired result is always the same–a perfect stand of lush, beautiful turf. Basamid®, the only granular soil fumigant on the market, is the quickest, most dependable way to achieve that perfect turf.

Basamid Soil Fumigant

Basamid penetrates deep to sterilize the soil and quickly eliminate virtually all weeds, nematodes, grasses and soil diseases. You can then reseed and get your new turf off to a healthy, vigorous start in as little as 10 to 12 days.

Redefining Renovation

The granular formulation of Basamid requires no complicated application equipment or tarps, offering you the flexibility to renovate a single green or all 18 fairways. Because Basamid is a granule, it becomes a soil fumigant only when activated by moist soil. Basamid makes traveling the road to perfection smoother than ever before.

Preparing Fairways and Athletic Fields for Application of Basamid

The success of renovation efforts using Basamid is largely dependent upon proper site preparation. Please contact your local Certis USA sales representative before applying Basamid. We’ll make sure you will successfully eliminate weeds, nematodes and diseases from the areas you treat and achieve optimal growth of your newly planted turf.

Buffer Zone Calculator

Click Here for a soil fumigant buffer zone calculator developed by the EPA. A useful tool to aid applicators, growers and others, it can be used to determine the buffer zone distances required by soil fumigant labels.