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Neem Extraction Plant in India Wasco, California production facility

The Company

Certis USA is a pioneer in the development of biological pesticides and has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of biopesticides. We specialize in:

  • Biological product development, from screening to formulation to field development
  • Manufacturing: fermentation and formulation
  • Global registrations for biological products
  • Global sales channels. We export to more than 30 countries.

Our Core Technologies

Certis USA is an innovator in these technology categories:

  • Neem extracts (azadirachtin and clarified
  • hydrophobic extract of neem oil)
  • Bacillus thuringiensis bioinsecticides
  • Baculovirus technologies
  • Pathogenic and pesticidal fungi technologies

Our Markets

Certis USA sales and technical service teams work closely with researchers, farm advisors, consultants and growers to fit our products to specific market needs. CYD-X® insecticidal virus is used in Washington state to control codling moth on apples, while in California, it controls the pest in walnuts. SoilGard® microbial fungicide keeps California nursery soils disease free while in Florida growers are use it to clean post-harvest soils prior to planting a second crop. We are experts in the following markets:

  • Agriculture
  • Turf
  • Nursery and Greenhouse
  • Home and Garden

Our Marketing Partners

Our sales and technical service personnel are experts at identifying a fit for biopesticide products and introducing them to the new market. Through marketing agreements, Certis USA shares its sales and technical expertise with key companies to supply and distribute their products.

Certis Fermentation Plant at Wasco, CA, USA

Our Facilities

Certis USA is headquartered in Columbia, MD. We have fermentation facilities in Wasco, CA and a neem extraction plant in India with our joint venture partner. Our approximately 100 U.S. employees include our sales representatives that are located throughout the country in key agricultural areas.

Our History

Certis USA traces its roots to some of the early leaders in the development of biological and botanical pesticides, beginning with the formation of Thermo Trilogy in 1996 and the acquisition of neem technologies from W.R. Grace. Since then, the company has grown by identifying and acquiring products that complement its product line. These include baculovirus products acquired from Biosys in 1997 and Bt bioinsecticide products acquired from Novartis in 1997 and Ecogen in 2002.

In 2001, Mitsui & Co., a leading Japanese trading company, acquired Thermo Trilogy and renamed it Certis USA LLC. Within Mitsui's AgriScience Division, Certis USA is positioned as the global competence center for biological control technologies. Today the company’s product line represents some of finest bioproducts and active ingredients in the industry.