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MeloCon® WG Bionematicide Now Registered in California

Release Date : May 27, 2009

MeloCon® WG Bionematicide Now Registered in California

With growers facing shrinking choices and supplies of nematicides due to phase-outs and restrictions, the California registration of MeloCon® WG bionematicide is timely and welcome. Under the registration by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, MeloCon can now be used to control root-knot, burrowing, cyst, reniform and sting nematodes in vegetable, fruit, vine, tuber, row and ornamental crops. MeloCon gives growers an effective nematicide with a novel mode of action that can be used in conventional and organic farming with minimal impact to the environment and non-target species.

The active ingredient of MeloCon is a naturally occurring fungus, Paecilomyces lilacinus, that is a highly effective parasite of all stages of development of common plant-infecting nematodes, especially the eggs and infectious juveniles. Formulated as a water dispersable granule, MeloCon is applied through conventional methods, including chemigation. The product is approved by the National Organic Program.

Nematodes are one of the most diverse animals in the world with thousands of species yet to be identified. Root knot nematode is the most common nematode in the world and produces the most nematode damage in California crops. California vineyards alone experience almost $200 million in yield losses to root knot nematode each year.

Manufactured by Prophyta GmbH, Germany, MeloCon is distributed by the biopesticide company Certis USA. For more information about MeloCon, call 800-250-5024.

Headquartered in Columbia, MD, Certis USA is a leading manufacturer and distributor of biopesticides and crop protection products for specialty agricultural and horticultural markets. Certis USA product brands include: Agree®, Crymax®, Deliver® and Javelin® Bt bioinsecticides; Azatin®, Neemazad® and Neemix® botanical insect growth regulators; Trilogy® botanical fungicide/miticide; CYD-X® codling moth virus; Gemstar® corn earworm virus; Spod-X® beet armyworm virus; SoilGard® microbial fungicide; and MeloCon® bionematicide.

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