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DES-X™ Insecticidal Soap Concentrate Introduced by Certis USA

Release Date : June 26, 2009

DES-X™ Insecticidal Soap Concentrate Introduced by Certis USA

Certis USA, the biopesticide company, introduces DES-X™, an insecticidal soap concentrate formulated for optimum activity on piercing and sucking insects. DES-X controls on contact the adult, larval and nymph stages of insect and mite pests, including aphid, mealy bug, plant bug, psyllid, scale, spider mite and whitefly on fruit, nut and vegetable crops. It is ideal for use in resistance management and Integrated Pest Management programs in both conventional and organically grown crops. DES-X is NOP approved and OMRI® Listed.

Certis AG Business Unit Manager Bret Menagh said, “DES-X is a great complement to our already extensive line of bioinsecticides. With the addition of DES-X, we now offer a contact material along with our Bt insecticides, IGRs and insecticidal viruses. And growers have another active ingredient they can add to their pesticide toolbox.”

DES-X contains specially selected fatty acid salts (soaps) that penetrate the body of pests and results in rapid death. It also kills pests by disrupting membrane and cellular function. Because pests must come into contact with the spray solution for DES-X to be effective, Menagh said, “DES-X employs a proprietary formulation designed by its manufacturer, Neudorff, that allows it to spread easily and more completely on plant surfaces.”

For more information about DES-X or any of the Certis USA products, call 800-250-5024.

Headquartered in Columbia, MD, Certis USA is a leading manufacturer and distributor of biopesticides and crop protection products for specialty agricultural and horticultural markets. Certis USA product brands include: Agree®, Crymax®, Deliver® and Javelin® Bt bioinsecticides; Azatin®, Neemazad® and Neemix® botanical insect growth regulators; Trilogy® botanical fungicide/miticide; CYD-X® codling moth virus; Gemstar® corn earworm virus; Spod-X® beet armyworm virus; SoilGard® microbial fungicide; MeloCon® bionematicide, and now DES-X™ insecticidal soap concentrate.

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