Many Certis USA products and active ingredients are available to nursery and greenhouse growers through the companies listed below.

OHP, Inc.

OHP Inc., formerly Olympic Horticultural Products, represents Certis USA and its products to professional nursery and greenhouse growers. OHP offers a comprehensive line of products that focus on the specific needs of ornamental growers, and it supports its products with technical service unmatched in the industry. OHP works to support the ornamental industry by continuously developing and testing new products and formulations and by playing a leading trade association role in indentifying trends, keying on legislation and pointing out critical issues that will impact the future of greenhouse and nursery growers.

SePRO Corporation

SePRO is a research-based life sciences company providing innovative products and services for specialty environmental and human health markets worldwide. SePRO Corporation is dedicated to discovering and developing sustainable solutions for specialty markets. Founded in 1994, our mission is to provide plant protection and plant management products and services that fit specialized market needs. We acquire, develop, manufacture, and market value-added products and services that satisfy the unique needs of our customers. In addition, SePRO has partnered with several of the top agriculture companies to develop technologies for use in our key markets.