About Neem-Derived Products

Certis USA is the premier manufacturer of neem-based pesticides in the world. The neem tree, indigenous to India, is often called nature’s pharmacy since it is associated with many agricultural and medicinal uses. For centuries people have used parts of the neem tree to control insects in their homes and fields. The neem tree is capable of protecting itself from damaging insects by producing a liminoid compound called azadirachtin. Certis USA pioneered seed extraction, purification processes and formulation technologies to transform this natural ingredient into a powerful, effective insect growth regulator, Neemix® 4.5.

Certis USA also identified fungicidal properties associated with the extracts of neem oil to develop highly effective botanical fungicide product: Trilogy®. Trilogy is an effective fungicide, as well as contact miticide and insecticide. Although it is primarily used in conventional farming, Trilogy represents the only truly broad-spectrum organic product on the market.

Neemix® 4.5 Azadirachtin Leafminers, whitefly, aphid
Trilogy® Clarified hydrophobic, extract
of neem oil
Powdery mildew, rust, black spot

Additional information about neem and the neem tree:

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