About Insecticidal Viruses

Natural populations of viruses exist throughout the world that negatively affect humans, animals and plants; they can cause epidemics and sometimes alter the course of history.

The insect world is not immune from viral epidemics. Insecticidal viruses are ever present wherever pest insects reside. Thankfully, as with the viruses that effect humans, nature often cannot provide the right conditions to escalate a viral epidemic. But when applied, Certis USA’s insecticidal virus products place large amounts of specifically isolated viruses and viral particles onto a crop. The Certis USA products accelerate nature’s own process to keep crop-destructive pests under control. Since the insecticidal viruses are specific only to certain pests, their use does not interrupt beneficial insect populations or cause harm to humans and animals.

The Certis USA insecticide virus family of products, include:

CYD-X® Cydia pomonella granulovirus Codling moth larvae
Gemstar® Helicoverpa zea Corn earworm