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AgSil® 25 Potassium Silicate Products

Certis USA introduces a bionutrient product line based on AgSil® potassium silicate technology. AgSil products provide plants with silicon, an often overlooked nutrient that helps plants’ deal with stress, temperature fluctuations, drought, salinity and metal toxicity.

Manufactured by PQ Corporation, the bionutrient products AgSil 16H, AgSil 21 and AgSil 25 are now available via Certis USA distributors for the specialty agriculture, greenhouse, turf, ornamental and home and garden markets in North America and many international arenas.

AgSil for Gerbera Daisies

AgSil products are your bionutrient sources for silicon and potassium.

Crops treated with AgSil products:

  • Are more resistant to mineral stress
  • Experience less climate stress
  • Have improved strength
  • Show increased growth and yield

Certis USA has the following products available:

  • AgSil® 16H
  • AgSil® 21
  • AgSil® 25

AgSil helps plants to resist toxicity from phosphorous, manganese, aluminum and iron and increases tolerance to salt. AgSil also aids in resistance to drought by reducing water loss, and in some cases it may increase growth and yield.

AgSil potassium silicate provides a soluble source of silicates and supplementary potassium for plants.


% K2O

% SiO2

% H2O


AgSil 21




liquid pH 11.7

AgSil 25




liquid pH 11.3

AgSil 16H




hydrous powder

Hydrous AgSil potassium silicate powders can be used in dry mix applications for land spreading. They may also be dissolved in other formulations (subject to compatibility) where additional water is not desired.

AgSil® Application

Application of AgSil® improves leaf erectness, reduces susceptibility to losing in grasses and improves photosynthesis efficiency. For turf, this can result in faster, healthier greens and athletic fields. Row crops, vine crops, ornamentals and hydroponically grown plants can all benefit from potassium silicate supplementation.

Approximate AgSil Potassium Silicate Application Rates

Nutrient Solution – 100 ppm SiO2 (w/w)


AgSil 21

AgSil 25

Lb. (fl.oz) in 100 gal. H2O

0.32 lb. (3.5 oz.)

0.40 lb. (4.9 oz.)

ppm K2O



Foliar Spray – 1,000 ppm SiO2 (w/w)


AgSil 21

AgSil 25

Lb. (fl. oz.) in 100 gal. H2O

3.2 lbs. (35 oz.)

4.0 lbs. (49 oz.)

ppm K2O



Warning: Call for information on tank-mixing compatibility.