Summit Agro Mexico to Introduce Double Nickel® 55 Fungicide/ Bactericide Under New Marketing Agreement with Certis USA

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO—April 1, 2014—Effective today, Summit Agro Mexico S.A. de C.V. (SAM) receives exclusive marketing rights for eight biopesticide products from Certis U.S.A. L.L.C., a leading North American-based biopesticide company. The new marketing partnership and distribution agreement includes Double Nickel® 55 fungicide/ bactericide, which recently received COFERPRIS approval, and represents its introduction to the Mexican agricultural market. SAM is a company of Sumitomo Corporation. Certis USA is a company wholly owned by Mitsui & Co.*

“Two years ago, Double Nickel had a successful introduction in the U.S. and sales there continue to climb,” said Jorge Fernandez, General Manager of SAM. “We are now pleased we can offer Double Nickel 55 to Mexican growers who will value its highly potent and novel fungicidal B.a. strain (Ba D747) active ingredient. It is a product that is highly efficacious and can be used at low rates and at low costs.”

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Remi Lohse, Southwest Territory, and Ryan Lewis, Mountain Territory Named Regional Sales Managers for Certis USA

With the strong growth in sales in the biopesticide category, Certis USA has increased its Specialty Ag Sales Team by two. Remi Lohse joins Certis USA as Southwest Regional Sales Manager, and Ryan Lewis is named Mountain Regional Sales Manager. Lohse and Lewis will be responsible for the sales and marketing of the company’s line of biopesticide product into the fruit and vegetable markets, with Lewis concentrating particularly on potatoes.

Remi Lohse
Remi Lohse

Lohse will apply her extensive experience of sales and marketing of biopesticides to her territory that includes Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona. She was previously a sales representative for AgraQuest/Bayer Crop Science of Davis, CA covering a southwest territory. Born and reared in Chico, CA, Lohse is a graduate from California State University, Chico. She holds a B.A. in Journalism/Public Relations with a minor in Agriculture. Lohse will work out of her office in Boerne, TX.

Ryan Lewis
Ryan Lewis

Lewis comes to Certis USA with more than 20 years of experience in agricultural business. He served as sales representative for Keithly Williams Seeds of Yuma, AZ and prior to that worked as an agronomist. Lewis is a graduate of Colorado State University-Fort Collins. He has a B.S. in Soil and Crop Science. For Certis USA, Lewis will cover Idaho, Colorado, the Dakotas, Utah, Montana and Wyoming working from his office in Berthoud, CO.

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Ants Now Added to Seduce® and Bug‑N‑Sluggo® Insect Bait Labels

Ants, a damaging agricultural pest, can now be controlled with the new weatherproof version of Seduce® and Bug‑N‑Sluggo® insect baits. The U.S. EPA and California’s DPR granted expansion of the tree and vine label sections for the products which contain spinosad, a proven material for the control of ants and other soil-dwelling insects. Spinosad, derived from a naturally occurring bacterium found in soil, is manufactured for Certis USA by W. Neudorff GMbH KG of Germany. (Neudorff has a licensing agreement with Dow Agrosciences for access to spinosad.) The new improved and more weather-resistant bait provides control of several ant species and also enhances control of cutworms and earwigs. Quick acting, Seduce and Bug‑N‑Sluggo knock back ant populations in less than 48 hours. Bug‑N‑Sluggo also contains iron phosphate for the control of snails and slugs.

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Gemstar® Insecticidal Virus Now Available to Control Corn Earworm in Brazil

Certis USA L.L.C. announces its launch of the biopesticide Gemstar® insecticidal virus in Brazil for the control of corn earworm (Helicoverpa armigera), a major pest of Brazil’s cotton and soybean crops. To introduce Gemstar to Brazil, Certis USA worked closely with its Brazilian development and distribution partners Bio Controle of Indaituba and Iharabras S/A Chemical Industries of Sorocaba.

Corn earworm is responsible for billions of dollars in losses last year to Brazil’s cotton and soybean crops. First identified in northeastern Brazil two years ago, corn earworm is now damaging cotton, soybeans, corn and bean crops in 10 states. This April the Brazilian state of Bahia declared a state of emergency, and the Brazilian government has granted emergency approval for the use of Gemstar to control corn earworm on cotton and soybean crops.

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Certis USA and Kumiai Chemical Launch Advanced Biofungicides Worldwide

Kumiai Chemical Industry Co. LTD

Certis USA and Kumiai Chemical Industry Co. LTD of Tokyo, Japan, today announce the global launch of a new generation of bacterial biofungicides based on Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain D747 (Ba D747). Kumiai scientists discovered and patented the Ba D747 strain, the active ingredient used in Kumiai’s Ecoshot® product in Japan. In 2010, Kumiai licensed the Ba D747 strain to Certis USA for global development.

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Novel® Fungicide is Novel, Unique Homeowner Product for Use on Turf and Gardens

A biofungicide with a new mode of action so unique it is named Novel® fungicide will be available for homeowner use as early as year-end 2014. The new disease control product for use on residential turf, landscapes, fruit trees and vegetable gardens will be available at local home and garden centers and features an environmentally and family friendly profile. Availability of Novel fungicide is a result of a collaborative effort between Certis USA L.L.C. and Kaken Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan, to market a new 0.5%SC formulation of Novel fungicide to Certis USA distribution partners who service the residential markets. Certis USA will market Novel fungicide as a concentrate to be mixed in water or fertilizer solutions plus the concentrate can be used as a Ready-to-Spray (RTS) formulation to easily treat home lawns for broad-spectrum control of foliar diseases, such as Rhizoctonia brown patch. Novel fungicide also controls Alternaria (leaf blight, early blight), Botrytis (blight, grey molds), powdery mildew and other diseases effecting homeowner shrubs, trees, fruit and vegetable gardens.

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